Dash is beloved by kids and teachers across the US and around the world. Dash is smart enough to respond to voices and sounds and Dash can dance and sing, which makes for a fun and interactive learning experience for kids. Dash will help kids learn, laugh, and grow.

Cue was designed for kids who are interested in learning how to code. Cue is a witty, entertaining robot with four hero avatars & enhanced AI that takes personality, interactive communication, and programming to a new level. Cue comes in two colors - Onyx and Quartz. Both robots are packed with technology and fun.

Teachers and parents love the
Wonder Workshop robots.

(And we’ve won a few awards to boot!)

“I gave each of my two grandchildren a Dash and Dot Robot for Christmas and the Wonder Workshop Launcher included additional parts that they could use with the Robots. They love their Robots and are learning about computational thinking and problem-solving!”

Dr. Rosie

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"The Xylophone is a great addition to your Dash Robot - there is a free app for iOS and Android that lets your child either play pre-recorded songs, modify them, or create their own! Simple scrolling interface makes it easy to use.”

E.A. Ward

"I am a 2nd-grade teacher and we just got our sketch kit! My kiddos love using it to draw shapes and paths for Dash. I could see us using it during our maps unit, measuring, shapes, and could even use it to help retell a story. It's very easy to use and the clean up is SOOOO easy!”


"Absolutely amazing toy. With Dash, my daughter was fully engaged, wanting to control and create specific behaviors of the robot and this desire drove her to master the programming interface quickly and continue to add layer upon layer of complexity to her routines. I was super impressed and I told her "hey you realize you can program a computer?!?" and she was like "really? oh, so programming is fun!" Thank you Wonder Workshop!”

Palo A.

"This is by far the best STEM toy ever. My daughter won't stop playing with it. She is 7 and gets easily frustrated when things are too hard. The easy instruction and "hints" make this challenging enough for her to continue to want to move forward, but easy enough that she can complete the tasks on her own. Having her come to show me the new "programs" she makes is so exciting for both of us.”

Jana A

I absolutely loved getting to know how to use this robot before passing it to students. Definitely considering getting another one in future. Dash was easy to use out of the box and very intuitive for the students who have been using it. The pre-setup activities are fun to do, and Dash itself is just so adorable. 5 stars!! Also, love that the app and robot can be used without an internet connection after the initial app installation and updates are complete. This was what made Dash stand out as a better option for us among the myriad of kids robots available these days. I'm glad we chose Dash. :)

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