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Takeaways from This Year’s ISTE Conference

The Wonder Workshop team has just returned from an eventful week at the 2018 ISTE conference. More energized than ever …

Amy Wilson

07 05, 2018

3D Ways to Celebrate the End of the Year with Dash & Dot

Our Wonder League Robotic Competitions (WLRC) coaches prove to be so inspirational year after year. They are the ones who …

Darri Stephens

05 14, 2018

Teach Wonder, Go Ahead!

New Online Professional Learning Courses from Wonder Workshop We at Wonder Workshop are so proud to announce our new professional …

Darri Stephens

03 23, 2018

12 Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School with Wonder Workshop’s CleverBots!

It’s exciting, to be sure — the 100th day is just around the corner for most schools stateside! There’s something that teachers …

Darri Stephens

02 05, 2018

28 Days Until the Wonder League Robotics Competition Invitational Round Begins!

One Month to Go! We are in the home stretch! After six months of exploring, cleaning, restoring, developing, and celebrating …

Darri Stephens

02 05, 2018

Extended Deadline to Register for the Wonder League Robotics Competition

Last Chance for This Year’s #WonderLeague We have extended the deadline for registering teams for this year’s Wonder League Robotics …

Darri Stephens

01 02, 2018

Mission Three: The Final WLRC Challenges

Next up? The Spring Invitational Round! Although Mission Three was originally scheduled to be released on Jan. 1, 2018, we …

Darri Stephens

12 04, 2017

Acquiring Funding and Sponsors for WLRC Teams

Hello, everyone! My name is Chris Grebe. I am a volunteer coach for two Wonder League teams at our local …

Chris Grebe

11 14, 2017

Wonder League Robotics Competition: Mission Two Released

Evidence of Residents on Space Island Mission Two: Evidence of Residents is here! Teams are challenged to relocate a nest, weed the …

Darri Stephens

10 30, 2017

Some Say Stubbornness, I Say Perseverance

WONDERful Advice from our WW Guest Blogger — Tom How, Istanbul, Turkey The shipment finally arrived! Hi, my name is Tom How (aka …


09 28, 2017

Top 7 Tips for Wonder League Coaches

You’ve Registered to Be a #WLRC Coach … What’s Next? Our coaches come from all around the world, and are teachers, …

Darri Stephens

09 25, 2017

It’s finally here — the Mission One Logbook

Are you ready for liftoff? For this year’s Wonder League Robotics Competition, we are releasing three missions (Sept. 18, Oct. …

Darri Stephens

09 15, 2017

3 Ideas for Creating a Wonder League Robotics Competition Gridded Mat

Buy It, Print It, Make It! The WLRC has launched — and we mean literally, as this year’s theme takes Dash and …

Darri Stephens

09 15, 2017

What Robotics Means to Me

by Camryn Ihrke of the Pink Eagles Pink Eagles (from left to right) – Camryn, Amber, Sidney, Olivia and Jaley As …

Frank Tappen

09 13, 2017

Robotics Helped Me Become Who I Am Today

by Sidney Furge of the Pink Eagles Sidney and Stephanie  When I first started robotics, I really had no idea …

Frank Tappen

09 13, 2017

5 Lessons My Kids Have Taught Me About Coaching Robotics

by Frank Tappen Recently, I had an opportunity to recruit some new kids to our community-based robotics team. As I …

Frank Tappen

09 12, 2017

3 Steps to Registering Teams for the Wonder League Robotics Competition

It Just Got Waaaay Easier! (Video updated on September 13, 2017!) Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had to …

Darri Stephens

09 10, 2017

Wonder League Coaches’ Guide

All You Need to Know About the Wonder League Robotics Competition This year, we’ve made some changes to the framework, timeline, and …

Darri Stephens

08 14, 2017

Time to Register for the Wonder League Robotics Competition

First Three Steps We are kicking off the Wonder League Robotics Competition for the 2017–2018 school year! We have lots of exciting …

Darri Stephens

07 31, 2017

Sign Up on Edmodo for the Wonder League Robotics Competition

Register in Just 10 Steps Welcome to our age 6–8 and age 9–12 Coaches’ Cohorts on Edmodo. If you already …

Darri Stephens

07 31, 2017

Kicking Off the 2017–2018 Wonder League Robotics Competition

Join Now & Begin Recruiting Team Members Last year’s winning teams, X-PLODE and the Pink Eagles As we teased last month, …

Darri Stephens

07 31, 2017

Wonder League Robotics Competition

Expanded for 2017–2018 Are you ready for YEAR THREE of the Wonder League Robotics Competition? Last year, in our second Wonder …

Darri Stephens

06 15, 2017

Announcing the Winners of the 2016–17 Wonder League Robotics Competition!

We’ve been blown away this year by the ingenuity, teamwork, and most of all grit in the 2nd annual Wonder League Robotics Competition! …

June Lin

03 21, 2017

Joy + Grit: Winning Combo for Developing Growth Mindsets

Drumroll, please … because in less than two weeks we will be announcing the winners of our 2016–2017 Wonder League Robotics Competition, Animal …

Darri Stephens

03 15, 2017